Health Fitness Tips

Health Fitness Tips

50 Fitness Tips to Score Your Best Body Tips: 01 Stick to It for 2 Weeks If motivation is your hang-up, change your exercise routine every 14 days. A University of Florida study discovered that people who modified their workouts…

Bound Angle Pose

7 yoga poses to control high blood pressure 1. Sukhasana or Easy Pose How to do it: This is one of the easiest yoga poses. Sit cross-legged on the ground with your knees wide apart. Keep your spine straight. Now…

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10 foods to avoid while trying to lose weight 1) Multi-grain bread Multi-grain bread-Image All those pretty seeds sitting on top of the loaf look healthy and inviting. But it’s what the bread is made of that really matters. Multi-grain…


10 essential Foods Nutritionists Always Keep in their Kitchen Eggs:   2. Leafy Greens:   3. Coconut Oil: 4. Fermented Foods: 5.  Quinoa:   6. Lemons 7. Cucumbers 8. Chickens: 9. Wild Caught Salmon: 10. Organic/Wild Berries :

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12 best burning foods which help you fat burn Grapefruit 2. Vegetables 3. Quinoa  4. Coffee 5. Chilies 6. Almonds 7. Blueberries 8. Green Tea 9. Apples 10. Eggs 11. Cinnamon 12. Black Pepper Source: